Meet The Judges

There are two types of reviews that your completed Collection may receive. During the Peer to Peer Review, you will be asked to score and comment on up to ten Collections submitted by your fellow item writers. During this review, we ask that you carefully review the Collections assigned to you and provide meaningful feedback to the item writers assigned to you. During the Expert Review, writers of the top 30 collections as identified by Peer to Peer Review will have the opportunity to receive feedback from an expert panel of judges. The names and credentials of some of the peer reviewers and all of the expert judges are available for your consideration.

Peer to Peer Review  Expert Review

Peer to Peer Review

In order to be eligible for cash rewards, all item writers who submit a completed Collection will participate in the Peer to Peer Review. Between June 8 and July 8, 2015, you and all item writers who submitted a completed Collection will score and comment on between five and ten Collections using a trait-scoring rubric. The Peer to Peer Review will result in a group of 30 Semi-Finalists who will receive $500 each in cash rewards and who will have a chance to revise their Collections based upon the feedback received before submitting them to the Expert Review.

To have your profile featured here, please register, submit a high-resolution landscape photograph or avatar, and complete a short biography describing your credentials and interest in creating items to support algebra readiness.

Expert Review

Each member of the Expert Review panel has been carefully selected for their knowledge of instructional strategies and math content. If you are a Semi-Finalist, you will receive detailed feedback from them, as described in our explanation of the Scoring Process. The Expert Review will identify the top 20 Finalists who will receive $1,000 each in cash rewards. The top 10 Winners will be contracted to create ten additional Collections for a cash reward of $5,000 each. The detailed credentials of each member of the Expert Review panel are provided here. Please take time to review their qualifications. Additional members may be added in the coming weeks. Members will be required to reveal any potential conflicts of interest prior to reviewing the Collections.

Meet Our Contributors

We'd like to thank our contributors. The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation has generously funded the development of the Algebra Readiness Challenge and the prize purse. CoreSpring has provided the authoring tools to create the items. Parcc Inc. provided invaluable guidance and outreach for the Challenge. CCSSO has provided support and guidance. And we'd like to especially thank Ted Coe, Ph.D., Director of Mathematics at Achieve, who donated his time and expertise in developing the trait-scoring rubric and judging protocols.