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Algebraic concepts lay the foundation for more advanced classes in science, technology, engineering, and math. When students successfully pass Algebra no later than 9th grade, we know they have a much better chance of being ready for college and career. In order to support students, educators need new items that are aligned with the Common Core State Standards and that can be used formatively to assess a student's understanding of concepts. Help us build these new items, which are aligned with the 7th grade Common Core State Standards for mathematics and which will be distributed to educators across the country.

What Is Required to Compete?

Using the CoreSpring authoring tool, you'll create a Collection of ten items aligned to the 7th grade Common Core State Standards for mathematics that educators can use to help students identify their strengths and weaknesses as they work towards getting ready for algebra. Each Collection will be scored using a trait-scoring rubric on four criteria: Aligned, Coherent, Rigorous, and Instructive. You'll have an opportunity to revise your Collection based on the feedback of your peers. Participants may also receive comments from expert reviewers and be eligible for cash rewards.

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The Collection that you submit will be assessed by fellow participants and may be assessed by trained experts. Based on their reviews, you may win up to two cash prizes ($500 in the first round of Peer to Peer review, and $1,000 in the second round of Expert Review). If you are selected as a Winner, you will be required to create ten additional Collections for a cash reward of $5,000. Each Collection must meet specific criteria, aligned to the four traits that will be used to score your Collection: Aligned, Coherent, Rigorous, and Instructive.

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Meet Our Contributors

We'd like to thank our contributors. The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation has generously funded the development of the Algebra Readiness Challenge and the prize purse. CoreSpring has provided the authoring tools to create the items. Parcc Inc. provided invaluable guidance and outreach for the Challenge. CCSSO has provided support and guidance. And we'd like to especially thank Ted Coe, Ph.D., Director of Mathematics at Achieve, who donated his time and expertise in developing the trait-scoring rubric and judging protocols.